She Designed a Life She Loved Workshop Part I:

Going Somewhere?: Girl Boss

As we all know, growing up is not the easiest. Girls in particular encounter a number obstacles during their developmental years, many of which carry over into adulthood. They are taught to "learn and play their role" which often translates to leading from behind.  We've designed a fun day to help the girls think like BOSSES.  This Workshop will cover Entrepreneurship, College/Job/Career Readiness,  Resume Development and Mock Interviews. 

APRIL 2019
She Designed a Life She Loved Workshop Part II

Financial Literacy: Money Looks Better in the Bank than on Your Feet

Managing money is a personal skill that benefits us throughout life yet not everyone is privy enough to learn about it. You would think it's a skill that gets taught in high school (or even before), but that’s not the case. Managing money requires a fundamental understanding of personal credit and a willingness to embrace personal responsibility. This workshop will focus on the value of money, saving, budgeting, credit scores, credit vs. debit, assets and liabilities.  


She Designed a Life She Loved Workshop Part III: 
BeYOUtiful: A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect
Many of our girls learn the beauty secrets to long extensions, flawless make-up, fashion trends and designer clothes, yet many have never been given the beauty secrets that matter most.  The secrets that help them sparkle and shine from the inside out.  This workshop will focus on battling imperfections, embracing uniqueness, self-worth and self-care. 
She Designed a Life She Loved Workshop Part IV
You Were Given This Life Because You're Strong Enough to Live It: Let's Talk About It!
When experiencing adversity, it's crucial for our girls to surround themselves with people who are accepting of their flaws, mistakes, and imperfections. As we all know, overcoming adversity can be a challenge but when you have a supportive team helping you move forward, it's much easier to accept yourself. This Workshop will focus on overcoming social bias, self-awareness, self-identity and mental health. 

GROW Turns 2

It's a Celebration....GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN!!!